¡¡auto bearing spring series
¡¡motorcycle front & rear damping spring
¡¡pressing, blocking, tensing, twisting spring
¡¡other spring series
¡¡golf tour bus spring

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Credit£ºWe trust that nothing is more important than credit£¬ so we will hold it.
Service£ºCustomers always first£¬ our efforts are sincere.
Quality£ºPrecise equipment + professional technology + devotional service

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Running idea£ºExploitation and innovation£¬ producing the excellent products and contributing to the society.
Gathering elites£¬ exerting the team intelligent to achieve the enterprise's goal Keep improving£¬ creating the benefit to repay the members
Manage principle£ºWin more customers depending on the excellent products and services
Quality policy£ºPursue the continuous improvement£¬ create the excellent quality Satisfy the customers' requirement£¬ and stride to the internationalization

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Manage general rules£ºFollowing the standardization and humanization
Developing goal£ºCreditable£¬ harmonious£¬ innovated and energetic Being the predominant enterprise with continuous development

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